Journal of Applied Business and

Management Studies

​​ ISSN 2010-0949


The Journal of Applied Business and Management Studies (JABMS) is a double blind peer reviewed online journal that specialises in applied research in business and management related issues. The main purpose of this refereed journal is to advance and foster business and management education by enabling a platform for academics, practitioners and researchers to publish research results. The journal establishes a forum whereby practitioners, academics and researchers can contribute to the general body of knowledge by increasing awareness and analysing business and management practices through the interchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences. The journal is committed to scholarly excellence. 

The Journal of Applied Business and Management Studies targets a broad readership, including business and management practitioners, the academic community and researchers with an interest in improving business and management practices. Each volume of the JABMS will feature conceptual articles, quantitative and/or qualitative empirical articles, and case studies.  Interviews, bibliographies, book reviews, and other features will also be offered, but on an irregular basis. 

Content of the Journal

The editorial board seeks original material in any field of applied studies and encourages articles from all parts of the world from practitioners, academics and researchers for publication.

Two main categories of articles in the journal are:
1) Full-length empirically and theoretically based articles
    - Innovative researches in the field of business and management
    - Empirical papers on business and management
    - Incubator papers involving new ideas and perspectives
    - Commentaries of recently published materials on theories, concepts, and methodologies
    - Cutting-edge papers drawn from academic thesis
    - Country statistical and analyses and critical reviews

2) Short research notes/reports reviews
    - Notes/Reports of student project/thesis
    - Conference Reports/Reviews
    - Book review

Authors submitting articles for the journal should specify which categories they wish their articles to be considered for: “Academic Papers” or “Practitioner Papers”. All articles submitted will be subjected to an anonymous double-blind refereeing process.

Regularity of the Journal
One of the aims of JABMS is that articles will be published in the journal as they are accepted. This means that articles will be disseminated more quickly. For the purposes of archiving, a volume of JABMS will be considered when five articles have been accepted for publication.

January, 2010