Journal of Applied Business and

Management Studies

Editorial Board

 ISSN 2010-0949


Dr. Keith Ng
PhD (Southern Cross University)

The Editorial Board is chaired by a Coordinating Editor, who has the task for achieving the quality of the substance as well as administrative matters of the journal. The Editorial Board consists of experts from varied fields, and well represented by scholars.

The Editorial Board will have the responsibility to review and referee both the substance as well as technical aspects of articles, and accordingly, provide suggestion for the revision. Members of Editorial Board are experts who have the knowledge, interests and concerns on business and management related issues.

Editorial Review Board:

Associate Professor Mohan Avvari
PhD (Nottingham University)  

Dr. Gian Casimir
PhD (University of Newcastle)  

Dr. Anthony Chia
PhD (University of South Australia)

Dr. Lim Cheng Bee
PhD (National University of Singapore)

Dr. Lim Cheng Hwa
PhD (University of Strathclyde)

Dr. Jhony Choon Yeong Ng
DBA (Southern Cross University)

Dr. Stewart Hase
PhD (Southern Cross University) 

Dr. Kate Mizerski
PhD (Edith Cowan University)

Dr. Tod Moore
PhD (University of Newcastle)  

Dr. Magdeline Ogilivie
PhD (Edith Cowan University)  

Professor Shankar Sankaran
PhD (University of Technology, Sydney)  

Associate Professor Christopher Syn
PhD (National University of Singapore)  

Associate Professor Michelle Wallace
PhD (Southern Cross University)

Dr. Wong Wai Nam
PhD (University of Bradford)